CAD Lights Aquariums Gains Loyal Customers

When CAD Lights Aquariums first released their new Pipe-less Protein Skimmer, many reef system experts and enthusiasts were cautious as to how the new technology would work and successfully clean the system. However, after some time on the market, CAD Lights Aquariums has gained the trust of their skeptics with the Pipe-less Protein Skimmer as well as their other innovative technologies.

Various reviews by customers on online forums, including a YouTube video, praise the innovation and quality of products by CAD Lights Aquariums. By far, the Pipe-less Protein Skimmer has drawn the most attention recently as a groundbreaking piece of reef system technology, as all other protein skimmers require a bulky pipe. By figuring out how to remove the pipe and still have a useful protein skimmer, CAD Lights Aquariums was able to create a new device that is sleeker and more visually appealing than its competitors. Since it’s less bulky, it fits nicely into the aquarium without distracting from the contents. Even more important than its aesthetics: the Pipe-less Protein Skimmer works even better than its competitors thanks to the innovative engineers at CAD Lights Aquariums.

The consistent innovation for both the reef system and its accompanying parts is what has made many first time purchasers as well as initial skeptics loyal customers of CAD Lights Aquariums. “After by my first CAD Lights purchase, I’ve never bought from anyone else,” says reef expert Shelly of Nashville, TN. “They’re like the Apple of aquarium makers!”

Indeed, what has thrilled customers the most is the fact that despite being in the lead of the reef system industry, CAD Lights Aquariums continues to invest in new technologies and look for ways to expand the proverbial envelope. CAD Lights Aquariums is based in California but ships across the United States as well as Canada and the UK.


CAD Lights Aquariums Appeals to Freshwater Users

Most reef systems are targeted for saltwater marine life, but CAD Lights Aquariums has developed a new Freshwater 4G Mini StarFire Series to appeal to freshwater users. This is just the latest development of CAD Lights Aquariums’ innovation in satisfying their customers.

The freshwater series by CAD Lights Aquariums was created due to popular demand and an increasing number of requests. Designed in the contemporary Euro style, the new aquarium for freshwater aquatic life is contained in a single seamless StarFire glass panel. The system by CAD Lights Aquariums is available in both white and red, making it possible for users to pick a style that meets their needs. The simple yet elegant beauty of the 4G Mini StarFire Series by CAD Lights Aquariums will easily make it the centerpiece of any room.

Aside from an impeccable aesthetic design, the freshwater series has its own filtration technology to ensure that the tank is healthy and clean. A 75GPH pump is included and has an impressive turnover rate of 18X. The filtration system is 100% Acrylic, which means it has a deep blue background to blend nicely with the contents of the system. CAD Lights Aquariums is proud of their innovative work with the freshwater series and hopes that consumers who have been asking for it will be equally pleased.

Naturally, freshwater and saltwater systems have their different struggles in terms of maintenance, and CAD Lights Aquariums has worked to ensure that the 4G Mini StarFire Series is not only as beautiful as the saltwater counterparts, but also has the equivalent state-of-the-art technology to clean itself and rid the water of harmful toxins.

CAD Lights Aquariums is based in California, where they serve customers all over the United States and in foreign countries such as Canada and the UK. CAD Lights Aquariums is dedicated to providing beautiful reef systems with the best accompanying technology available.

CAD Lights Aquariums: Beauty Matters

If you’re going to spend a lot of money on an aquarium and the accompanying technology, it had better look amazing, according to the people behind CAD Lights Aquariums. Known best for their innovative technology (they’ve been called the “Apple” of reef systems), CAD Lights Aquariums is equally skilled at designing beautiful reef displays and systems for any situation.

All of the systems by CAD Lights Aquariums are made from StarFire glass, which is not only sturdy, but provides a stunning 91% clarity that showcases the aquatic life within. Aside from an impressive display of StarFire glass, CAD Lights Aquariums has made glass panels appear seamless, which differentiates the system from other aquariums.

CAD Lights Aquariums also encourages reef system buyers to invest in accompanying furniture. Whether it’s a shelf, table, or display that the aquarium sits on, the furniture that accompanies the system can enhance the entire visual appeal. The furniture that CAD Lights Aquariums sells is designed by them to purposefully augment the reef systems they provide. In fact, most of the furniture is polished and modeled after the style of European’s high class.

Whether it’s to create a soothing, classy, or stunning atmosphere, CAD Lights Aquariums is certain that they can fulfill your aquatic needs. Though they will certainly help you maintain the health and quality of your system and its aquatic life, CAD Lights Aquariums hopes you also take the aesthetic aspect into account.

If the large variety of systems that CAD Lights Aquariums carries doesn’t fit your visual or practical needs, the CAD Lights Aquariums will gladly design a custom made system for you to use. CAD Lights Aquariums has had much success designing custom made systems for high-end clients.

Professionals Love CAD Lights Aquariums

Professional aquatic life lovers are obsessed with CAD Lights Aquariums. They have left glowing reviews about CAD Lights Aquariums on numerous aquatic life and reef system message boards across the web. In fact, professionals at various trade shows and conventions have admired displays of technology and tanks by CAD Lights Aquariums.

The folks at CAD Lights Aquariums have gained so much respect and admiration in their industry that they have been invited to numerous events to showcase their innovative designs and technology. From the China International Show to trade shows here in the United States, CAD Lights Aquariums has had numerous platforms to showcase their hard work.

Though they sell reef systems for both enthusiasts and hobbyists, CAD Lights Aquariums has a system available for professional users. The 50G Artisan II Series Professional System by CAD Lights Aquariums is a massive display with the most advanced technology available to keep the aquatic life healthy and the display clean. At $1,3499.99, the professional system by CAD Lights Aquariums is one of the most affordable yet the most advanced professional system available.

“I love it,” says Danny Owens of Atlanta, Georgia. “I had the entire system shipped from California to Atlanta and it was in perfect condition; easy to set up and they even helped me on the phone.”

More and more professionals have been turning to CAD Lights Aquariums to replace their broken parts or to completely replace their reef system with CAD Lights Aquariums’ latest technology. As professionals themselves who cater to the general public, the folks at CAD Lights Aquariums understand what professional reef caregivers want and how to provide it.

CAD Lights Aquariums is based in California and is dedicated to providing the most advanced reef systems available as well as creating happy, life-long customers.

Why You Should Get Custom Made Aquariums from CAD Lights Aquariums

In today’s age, everything is customized and the truth of “one size fits all” no longer exists. From the design of a room to the way furniture is arranged, there are many disparities among rooms in various settings. It thus makes sense that an aquarium that might fit nicely in one room won’t fit into another. The folks at CAD Lights Aquariums understand this truth, which is why CAD Lights Aquariums offers custom made aquariums for their customers.

If you’re looking for an aquarium to fit into a specific nook or match the “style” of a certain room, then ordering a custom made aquarium from CAD Lights Aquariums might be for you!  CAD Lights Aquariums has designed reef displays that have fit into bookshelves, staircases, and even walls!  Whatever the situation, CAD Lights Aquariums has the innovation to make your reef system a success.

CAD Lights Aquariums has the experience needed to satisfy even the most difficult situations, and their staff has been called some of the easiest people to work with according to their customers. In fact, CAD Lights Aquariums has turned several first-time purchasers into loyal consumers of CAD Lights’ products.

If you want to impress your family, friends, or clients, then custom made displays from CAD Lights Aquariums are perfect because you’re guaranteed to get a reef system that they haven’t seen before since it was made specifically for you. CAD Lights Aquariums also provides state-of-the-art equipment to keep your new custom made aquarium clean and healthy for your aquatic life.

From designing the display to creating the technologies that purify the water, CAD Lights Aquariums does the hard work so you can easily enjoy the beauty of a new reef system!  CAD Lights Aquariums is based in California.

Innovation from CAD Lights Aquariums

For many years, protein skimmers have been a headache for reef system enthusiasts. Protein skimmers are crucial to keeping an aquarium in healthy condition, yet they are bulky and difficult to use. However, CAD Lights Aquariums has created a new generation of protein skimmers that are beautifully designed and even more effective than the industry standard.

Most protein skimmers use a pipe as part of their cleaning performance. CAD Lights Aquariums was able to design their protein skimmers without a pipe and thus make them sleeker and less obtrusive in the reef displays. Without the pipe, the protein skimmer by CAD Lights Aquariums leaves the smallest footprint ever offered in the reef system. What’s even more impressive is that the entire device can be assembled and dissembled in a mere ten seconds!

This revolutionary innovation has caught the industry by storm and has earned CAD Lights Aquariums praise from both consumers and their competitors. Despite having redefined the industry standard for protein skimmers, CAD Lights Aquariums hasn’t gotten complacent. CAD Lights Aquariums is continuously investing into newer and better-designed technologies for happier consumers and healthier reef systems.

Aside from being stylishly designed, protein skimmers from CAD Lights Aquariums are surprisingly quite. Most protein skimmers create a light “hum” while cleaning the tank, but the 2nd Generation Protein Skimmers by CAD Lights Aquariums are so quiet that they are only 5 decibels above audible sound!  They’re so quiet that even in a quiet room, it’s difficult to detect their presence.

CAD Lights Aquariums hopes to continue their innovation both for reef system accessories as well as the tank itself. By being dedicated to the complete satisfaction of their customers, CAD Lights Aquariums is able to continuously push the envelope for more effective and affordable products.


Consumers Praise CAD Lights Aquariums

A video posted on YouTube praises CAD Lights Aquariums for their ability to deliver quality products very quickly. The review of CAD Lights Aquariums was unusual in that instead of focusing the review on the product, the review highlighted a simple detail: how well CAD Lights Aquariums packs their products for shipping.

CAD Lights Aquariums creates state-of-the-art technology to clean reef displays as well as aquariums in a variety of sizes. Since these technologies are fragile and glass can easily break, it is of the utmost importance that they are packaged properly to avoid breaking during shipment.

The video review on YouTube unpacks the product on camera, essentially praising CAD Lights Aquariums for the wonderful packaging to ensure that the product was delivered intact. Since glass is very fragile, it can easily break during shipment, so the customer was impressed that the entire tank was completely undamaged. Furthermore, more products were included to help keep the tank in pristine condition to ensure the health of the aquatic life as well as aesthetic cleanliness.

Other reviews of CAD Lights Aquariums are more detailed into the actual specifications of products. The most popular and impressive piece of equipment is the 2nd Generation Protein Skimmer by CAD Lights Aquariums. CAD Lights Aquariums designed the protein skimmer to keep it sleek and unobtrusive in the tank, yet provide extraordinary cleaning power very quickly and quietly. Unlike their competitors, CAD Lights Aquariums has managed the art of keeping their products beautifully designed yet effective. Since CAD Lights Aquariums manufactures their products in the United States, one would expect the costs to be higher than their competitors, but CAD Lights Aquariums has been able to keep the costs lower for consumers. CAD Lights Aquariums is based in California.